Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Bella Ramsey on Gender Fluidity in the Entertainment Industry

Bella Ramsey, the breakout star of the hit sci-fi drama "Last of Us" and former "Game of Thrones" actor, recently came out as nonbinary. In an interview with GQ, Ramsey opened up about the impact of her gender fluidity on her work in the entertainment industry. This includes the characters she plays and the clothing she wears on set.

Ramsey revealed that she wore a chest binder for "90 percent" of the filming for "Last of Us", which is an important tool for trans and nonbinary individuals to alleviate chest dysphoria. While acknowledging that binding for extended periods is not healthy, Ramsey shared that binding allowed her to feel more focused on set. Experts have previously cautioned on the importance of choosing the correct size and not wearing it for more than eight hours at a time.

Ramsey's co-star in "Last of Us", Pedro Pascal, whose sister is transgender, was "super supportive" of her gender identity. The two often had conversations around gender and sexuality while working together. Ramsey emphasized that these conversations didn't always have to be serious, and they could be funny and humorous too.

As a nonbinary individual, Ramsey exemplified that the identity is not one-size-fits-all. In previous interviews, Ramsey mentioned that she "really couldn't care less" about the pronouns people use for her. However, she expressed that what bothers her more is being called a "young woman" or a "powerful young woman", as she doesn't identify as a woman.

Despite not identifying as a woman, Ramsey feels comfortable playing "feminine characters" and wearing dresses or corsets. She explained that it provides her with the opportunity to be something opposite to herself, which is really fun.

In conclusion, Bella Ramsey's openness about her gender fluidity and experiences in the entertainment industry serves as an inspiration for many. Her conversations with her co-star and her attitude towards gender identity exemplify the importance of understanding and acceptance. It also highlights the need for the entertainment industry to be more inclusive and accommodating to the diverse identities and experiences of its artists.


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